Who We Are

Custometrics is a team of analytical and strategic experts with state-of-the-art skills in customer and marketing analysis and the development of marketing strategy.

Our mission is to help our clients become more effective and efficient:

  • Deliver better performance
  • Speed decision-making
  • Reduce risk
  • Simplify the complex

The company was incorporated in 1997 in Toronto, Canada.

Our partner group:

Katherine Krass, Modeling Lead

Katherine Krass is one of the industry’s most accomplished modelers.  While it is not uncommon in the industry for a modeling project to end with an in-field failure, Katherine, by contrast, has compiled a stellar record of success.   Her work has both informed marketers with strategic insights, as well as provided accurate predictions of a range of consumer behaviours in a variety of market conditions.  She has created breakthrough work in both B2B as well as B2C markets and with a wide range of clients, ranging from technology, to packaged goods, to retailers and financial services companies.

Katherine’s background includes both the mathematics of modeling as well as the software and information structures from which modeling data is drawn and within which models must be housed.

Katherine’s studies have given her first hand knowledge of virtually all of the functional forms that can be used in predictive and descriptive modeling today.  Her ongoing research and academic contacts keep her up to date and at the leading edge of this fast-expanding field of knowledge.

Katherine’s familiarity with information technology has prepared her to work in the complex data structures found in today’s data-intensive corporations and make the design and implementation of models more practical and effective.

Other Highlights

Clients have included banks, financial services companies, telco’s, hardware and software manufacturers, catalog marketers, retailers, packaged goods companies and not-for-profit fund-raisers.

Katherine acted as the leader of analytics at the Canadian Centre for Marketing Information Technology at the University of Toronto for 2 years.

Katherine is the principal designer behind Ad-Catalyst TM, Custometrics’ modeling and optimization suite of tools that help marketers maximize the impact of all aspects of the advertising and marketing efforts.

Dmitry Krass, Optimization Lead

Dr. Dmitry Krass completed his Ph.D. in the field of Operations Research at Johns Hopkins University and specializes in the development and use of optimization modeling for business and marketing decision-makers.

As a Full Professor of Operations Management and Statistics at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, where he has been since 1989, Dr. Krass continues to lead innovative research in the field of optimization, solving some of today’s tough business problems.  As the Ph.D. Program Director in Operations Management and Management Science (since 1991), Dr. Krass leads the development of the next generation of leading-edge thinkers in this field.  Dr. Krass is the Area Coordinator for Operations Management and Statistics at the Rotman School, where he teaches courses in Statistics, Operations Management and Management Science in the MBA and Ph.D. programs.

Dr. Krass has developed a wide variety of modeling and optimization projects and tools with clients from both the private and public sectors, and with marketers focused on Consumer or  Business audiences.

 Other Highlights

Clients have included the Bell Canada group of companies, Metro Toronto Police, Sears, Air Miles, Bank of Nova Scotia, Crystal Decisions, and MTS

Research work includes over 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals in Operations research and Management science on topics spanning optimal location in competitive environment, stochastic optimization, inventory theory, and environmental modeling; supervision or co-supervision of 9 Ph.D. dissertations; editorial and refereeing work for major academic journals in the field, and nearly 100 presentations at international academic conferences

Latest development includes the creation of desk-top decision-support systems that incorporate optimization algorithms for the planning of profit-maximizing marketing programs.

David Beaton, Planning and Business Development

David Beaton is an innovator in the field of data-driven marketing. David holds an MBA in a combination of Marketing and Information Technology from the University of Toronto.

David’s ground-breaking work includes the introduction of the concept and practice of predictive modeling and advanced marketing decision sciences to leading Canadian marketers; the advancement of profit-based direct planning, and the development of Variation Marketing…an integration of data-driven marketing practices centred on recognizing and marketing to the unique differences that exist between customers.

David’s latest work, on the Personal Brand, uncovers ways for marketers to build a stronger total brand management system in two complimentary parts…the Public Brand, and the Personal Brand.

Other Highlights

Helped create and launch CANVID DATA SERVICES: online, realtime auto claims and inforce policies
Co-founded Spectrum Decision Sciences: introduced predictive modeling to clients in financial services, retailing, cataloging and other industries; including CIBC, BMO, Royal Trust, PetroCan, Hudson’s Bay, Eaton’s, Grolier, etc..
Developed and launched Customer Relationship Management consulting at Blitz, a leading international direct marketing agency.

Alex Fine, Data Management

Alexander Fine’s skills combine the fields of quantitative analysis, information technology, management and finance.

Alexander is an expert in developing, implementing, and operating enterprise-wide information systems, operations and financial processes in fast-growing, fast-paced environments.  He has grown companies as a business leader as well as a technical expert; his leadership enabled the establishment of thriving businesses in the fields of distribution, real estate management, and ISP.

As the head of Custometrics’ Data Management Team, Alexander ensures that data flows smoothly between clients and Custometrics’ analytical groups.  His expertise in creating analytical datamarts speeds the development time for model development.  He also leads the development of our Decision-Ware applications; software that supports more effective, impactful and timely decision-making.  Alexander’s skills as an information architect enables Custometrics to see more effective ways to implement our insight and action-oriented tools in our clients’ complex IT environments.

Other Highlights:

MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Diploma in Management

Former COO of P5 Communications, an Internet Service Provider

Former CEO of Marketing, Distribution and Product Management company that enjoyed dominant market share in its fields of operations

Valentin Kobylianskii, Business Analytics

Valentin Kobylianskii has a rare blend of skills…both the scientific and the entrepreneurial.

As a Ph.D in Geo-Physics, Valentin is an accomplished research scientist.  As an entrepreneur, he has led the development and growth of ventures in fields as diverse as food and beverage distribution, manufacturing, retail operations and real estate.  His talents enabled his last venture to grow from only 5 employees to over 500 in a 4 year period.

Valenin has a trained eye for analytics.  His academic background has given him grounding in the technologies used by Custometrics in statistical modeling and optimization.  Perhaps more importantly for Custometrics clients, he also has a practiced instinct for strategies that lead to business successes.  As head of Client Services, he is in a position to practice both skills.

Other Highlights:

MBA, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Developed and marketed a product that won “Best New Canadian Product Award for 2001”; Canadian Hardware Show

Developed and launched the successful “First Guild” vodka brand

Author and co-author in 8 academic publications

A leader in business that enabled his clients and ventures to not only survive periods of economic downturns, but to emerge with increased share and strength.

Former CEO of Investment, Production, Marketing and Distribution Company